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I run a ASRock X 79 Extreme 3 board with AMI UEFI and 3 TB bootable GPT hard disk, that means i can.

Thanks a million Nononsence, for a while I thought I was going to have to abandon UEFI to keep the Daz Activator working.

Но непонятно почему на одних компах запись Microsoft меняется на WindSLIC при выполнении третьей команды, а на других компах. Although there may not be a demand or need for it; How difficult would it be to add in SLP 1. 0 to this WindSLIC UEFI?

Hi my hp sleekbook b 105 el has a gpt partition and i cant activate windows 7 ultimate, can you help me to use windslic injector?

Sometimes I have Windows activated for some days before it happens, sometimes it just happens some minutes after I reinstall the injector.

Can you make an even more dummy guide for injecting the windslic manually? The automatic one doesnt seem to work often.

Windslic uefi slic injector скачать


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